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Shahan Technical and Engineering Group as the first manufacturer of Sprinkler in Iran With the aim of upgrading and producing equipment for fire extinguishing systems, it entered the field of industry in the country.

And With a lot of effort and hard work and the use of experienced personnel and the necessary equipment and infrastructure and Using technical knowledge, she was able to market her products under the Shahan brand

Quality of products

Quality begins with training, runs with learning, and survives with commitment.and Because the quality of the product knows no bounds، The goal of this collection is always to achieve the highest quality in its products globally In order to be able to be a more powerful and dynamic v collection in this field.

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Address: Mashhad, Azadi Highway, Azadi 129

Contact number:
00985136511960 00989152229700

Email: shahanfire@gmail.com

Telegram & Instagram ID : @shahanfire

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  • Blue fire extinguishing systems

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  • Automatic fire extinguishing systems

    For Fire extinguishing without human intervention Automatic fire control systems are used.

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